Training & Facilitation

Once again I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your course. The take-aways were enormous and it has already changed the way I communicate and interact with people. I’m very critical of training so I hope you consider this a high compliment.
- Bell Canada

training facilitation torontoOur proven process identifies your goals, focuses on clarifying your high priorities, and understanding what you're working to resolve or improve.  We assess existing knowledge and skill levels, building on what's already in place.  Where needed we bring in the appropriate learning tools.  Our preparation includes clear metrics defining your success and building a framework to bring new knowledge into practical use.

Training Workshops

Our customized training programs are centred on the skills that make leaders and teams successful. Our formats are interactive, experiential and can include coaching follow-up, to ensure that training becomes a real moment for learning and change. Key program areas include:

  • Introductory and advanced coaching skills
  • Influencing and communication skills
  • Working with different personalities, styles and motivators
  • Conflict resolution
  • Signature leadership
  • Respect in the workplace

We tailor each of our programs to your business environment and learning needs. 


While training programs concentrate on the advancement of specific skills, facilitation opens up the opportunity for different dialogue, new discussion, collaboration and decision-making. When individuals or teams are new to each other, or feel stuck, facilitation can be the avenue for breaking through.

Our clients find the skills and neutrality of our facilitators most valuable in team-building initiatives, strategic planning and engaging others to implement change.



Executive Coaching

You have talent, vision, experience and skills. You know your business, and have proven you can strategize and problem solve with the best. It's brought you success, but how are you preparing yourself and your organization for the future?

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Leadership & Team Development

The pace is fast and resources are stretched. The need for innovative leadership and exceptional teamwork is no longer optional, it’s critical. What’s holding you back?

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Training & Facilitation

When it’s time to learn new skills, or take group conversations to a deeper level, customized workshops and facilitation offer the key to effective change. How can you breakthrough old habits and create productive new behaviours?

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