Leadership and Team Development

This was an extremely valuable process for me. I was able to establish a way of responding more effectively to emotions and conflicts within our group… our team has moved to thinking about WE instead of I. What a difference!

TD Bank

leadership team development torontoGoals and timelines have been established and the process is underway. Management courses have provided tools, your technical skills are strong, communication is constant and still results fall short of where they need to be.

As coaches, we help you close the gap between where you are and where you'd like to be. It's about surfacing potential and moving to the next level in performance.  We not only build on your strengths, but also help you bring out the best in those around you.

We work with leaders one-on-one to help them understand what brings out peak performance.  We also work with their teams to improve group dynamics, open up new thinking and shift old habits.

When’s a good time for leadership or team coaching? There’s no single answer, but prime opportunities exist when you’re…

  • Preparing to advance your leadership, or take on a new role
  • Implementing changes and raising the bar on performance
  • Dealing with difficult conversations
  • Looking for new strategies or new ways to make a difference
  • Interested in stretching your skills
  • Overcoming ‘speed bumps’ or barriers in relationships
  • Getting your team out of the past and into the future

The results are compelling. Leaders become confident in their abilities to bring about results, not only through their own actions, but through the achievements of others. Teams become more collaborative and accountable. Leaders can target strategy and step out of the details knowing their teams will deliver. Decisions are reached more quickly, with buy-in and team support. Leaders master the art of building the people who build the business. Morale, motivation and energy rise.

“Oh no, I’m being given a coach!”

Relax, it’s a good thing. Years ago, “coaching” may have been used as a way to correct underperformance. Today, it’s an opportunity that signals your organization sees your value and wants to invest in you.



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