Our Services

The coaching and consultation you have provided to members of our senior management group has been exceptional. With the insights obtained through your services, our leadership has strengthened immensely. We look forward to continuing this productive relationship.

Bank of Montreal

We partner with you, to bring out the unique difference you’re looking to create in your own leadership, and in your business. We act as your confidential sounding board and resource, to help you reflect, explore, discover, make decisions, build relationships and deliver your best. We provide a professional framework and methodology to create and measure success. In the context of your business, we co-create paths from knowing to doing.

Our approach is built on principles of honesty, trust and mutual respect. We believe you are the expert in your business and our role is to help you leverage the best strengths in yourself, and those you around you. We listen, ask different questions than most and share our observations.  Drawing on our skills and experience, our feedback offers purposeful challenge aligned with your goals.

Our clients describe their results… increased awareness, deeper insights about themselves and others, positive energy and motivation, higher engagement, reduced stress, more effective communication, faster decision-making, accountability and execution.

Recognizing multiple ways to stimulate learning and change at individual and organizational levels, our services include:

Like finding a needle in a haystack, coaching gets the hay out of the way


Executive Coaching

You have talent, vision, experience and skills. You know your business, and have proven you can strategize and problem solve with the best. It's brought you success, but how are you preparing yourself and your organization for the future?

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Leadership & Team Development

The pace is fast and resources are stretched. The need for innovative leadership and exceptional teamwork is no longer optional, it’s critical. What’s holding you back?

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Training & Facilitation

When it’s time to learn new skills, or take group conversations to a deeper level, customized workshops and facilitation offer the key to effective change. How can you breakthrough old habits and create productive new behaviours?

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